Sea Buckthorn in Modern Use

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Sea Buckthorn in Modern Use

Ever since Noma chef René Redzepi put sea buckthorn on the menu of his best in the world restaurant, modern consumers in Scandinavia and Northern Europe have been clambering for more of these powerhouse berries. After reading about it in a military survival guide, Redzepi added sea buckthorn to a Flødeboller, a traditional Danish sweet, and most European consumers have been exposed to it through yogurts and beverages since. It’s popularity growing with its reputation of reputed health benefits. Despite this, sea buckthorn and its nutritional and health benefits remains relatively unknown to consumers in North America. Miracle Sea Buckthorn aims to change that.

Many of the health benefits come through the ingestion of sea buckthorn oil, which comes from the seeds and pulp of the fruit. The oil is added to supplements and cosmetic products for a variety of uses, but one can also enjoy the benefits by consuming the fruit directly, for example in a beverage. Just one small berry from the sea buckthorn packs more vitamin C than an entire orange.

Sea buckthorn consumption has been linked to many health benefits. Here are a few of the major ones:

A December 2016 study in Trends in Food Science & Technology concluded that, “supplementation with sea buckthorn berries/extracts significantly reduced total cholesterol … in subjects with cardiovascular risks, but not in healthy subjects. Bad LDL cholesterol, also dropped in those who had high cholesterol.” The authors credited flavonoids present in sea buckthorn as a possible explanation.

Sea buckthorn has showed promising results in lowering blood sugar spikes, and a February 2017 study revealed that sea buckthorn fruit oil “played a positive role” in alleviating Type II Diabetes by increasing glucose uptake in insulin resistant cells.

Sea buckthorn’s ratio of omega fatty acids and vitamin E has been linked to many possible benefits for human skin health, including wound care, treatment for dryness, sunburn, frostbite, and inflammation. And it’s the latter that has showed promise in treating one of the most common and severe skin conditions, psoriasis. A recent February 2019 study revealed that a single-blind, placebo controlled study yielded positive results in improvement of patient severity and quality of life for those treated with the sea buckthorn extract during the 8-week trial. Those treated with the placebo showed no change, and, “significant worsening at the end of the trial.”

Though more studies are necessary, sea buckthorn has not only shown documented results in treatments for the aforementioned, but may also hold promise in the treatment and maintenance for the following:

Quercetin, antioxidants and vitamin E have all been linked as possible contributors to cancer prevention.

Flavonoids have also been shown to have natural immunosuppressive properties and have been used as alternative treatments for those suffering from Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS). Sea buckthorn also has a long history of use for upset stomachs and ulcers in Eastern medicine.

Immune System
Again, the flavonoids and antioxidants present in sea buckthorn have shown promise in maintaining strong immune functions and fighting off infections. Along with quieting overactive immune systems.

The healthy omega fats and carotenoids present in sea buckthorn have shown promise not only in preventing liver damage, but also in the treatment of cirrhosis and other liver diseases.

Remember that it’s important to be aware of drug interactions, particularly those on a daily drug regiment and pregnant women. Any type of alternative treatment through supplementation should always be discussed with a doctor.

By Paul Kolbe

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